About the program:
Ever played an online game? GuildWars/World of Warcraft or any other smaller MMO game
every game got his own Updater system, wich basically updates the files to the latest version from the server.
well, my AdvUpdater does the same! so instead of making own updater, with own file server, just use this one. its Free for all.

How it works?
ever used DropBox, Google Drive, or any other cloud system?
all of them are creating a simple folder where you can store files and they all will be synced with the server.
same goes for AdvUpdater, but instead of syncing it with server all what AdvUpdater does, it just watching for new files or updated files, and simply upload it all into private storage. it also generates an a Launcher executable file that you send to people you want. all what they do, they just open the launcher, and bing! all the files are synced.
AdvUpdater has also an ability to compress files that it puts on online storage. wich gives you an additional download/upload speed for every file. few more features for AdvUpdater is an ability to update up to x10 files in same time! wich means you can download in speed of x10!

- download up to x10 files in same time! will give you crazy download speed.
- able to put banner of your own (of your game) with ability to click on the banner to enter your website
- watching folder for new files or updated files
- 32/64 bit versions for your own suites
- files that are uploaded to server, all are compressed and encrypted! no way for someone to hack your files.
- no need to replace launcher when new update is released! its enough for users to run your launcher once again to receive it all.
- ability to run On-line and Off-line mode.
- you are able to decide if you want your game WONT run without the Launcher.
well its so many features, i don't have place here to write them all.. still screen shots and videos to go 














Youtube Video

hopefully i will get 1 more voice video from friend soon. 

some demos:
next download shows demo of:
- how to share photos/videos super fast
- banner enabled, when you click on the banner, it goes to THIS thread 
- x5 speed (downloads 5 files in same time!)

next download shows demo of:
- upload files with directories
- runs online version via launcher, or Off-line version

next download shows demo of:
- how to run your own Apps/Games ONLY with launcher (so there wont be any option to skip nessesery updates)

next download shows demo of:
- anti hacking game!
- you cannot edit files!
- you cannot delete files!
- you cannot add own files!

Download: (32,64 Bit)
AdvUpdater x64
AdvUpdater x32
Version: 1.0
Release Date: 22.2.2014

Version Log

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